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Real Estate News

Make Your Wood Floors Look Like New
Make Your Wood Floors Look ...

Did you buy an older home because you fell in love with its character? Many homes built in previous decades or centuries feature details that often aren’t... 

March 12 2016 No comments
10-Minute Home Projects
10-Minute Home Projects

You’re probably familiar with the idea that little things add up to a lot. But did you ever stop to think about how that can be applied to the upkeep... 

February 18 2016 No comments
Organic Organizing
Organic Organizing

Organic — denoting a relation between elements of something such that they fit together harmoniously as necessary parts of a whole. — characterized... 

February 6 2016 No comments

Nice Things Our Clients Say...

Scott Voak is a top-notch real estate professional and expert. His knowledge of the industry and area is well researched and so very... Read More »

Kathy Bullock

Scott and the team at Voak Homes were immensely helpful in our search for ‘the perfect house’. My wife and I had moved... Read More »

Mehul Shah

Scott has been working with us for past 7-8 years and has helped us closing 3 homes (both on buying and selling side). He has deep... Read More »

Amit C